The Process


First off, all my websites are built using the popular content management system – WordPress. Within WordPress I use the Elementor page builder to design and build unique websites tailored to your business. Elementor gives you full control over easily managing your content . Therefore I do not use pre-built themes for the main reasons: I like all my clients websites to be unique, full control over design and no conflicts when themes becomes outdated. Elementor is a free add on for WordPress. Elementor Pro unlocks many features, they charge an annual cost for pro. But don’t worry, your website will come with the pro version free of charge under Pencil to Pixels developer license). For a video overview of Elementor and and how you would maintain your content please click here.

Domain & Hosting

If you already own your domain and hosting then great. If not then I recommend you purchase it from It cost just £14 for the first year and takes only a few minutes to buy. The main reason I ask you to purchase your own is so the domain and hosting is in your name and you are the legal entity to your website.

When purchasing, I also advise you take up the backup plan option (from the time of writing this it costs 99p a month). If anything happens to your website, then a back up could save your business. Back ups are taken hourly, everyday. 

Lets Start!

All i need is: a brief overview off your website, the goals you want your website to achieve and maybe a few examples of current websites you like the look off, just so I can get a good overview of what you have in mind. You can send me these details using the form below, over the phone or using the live chat.

From there, I can give you a quote. If you are happy with the quote then a brief contract will be set out that includes an overview of your new website and the features it will include. 

Before development starts, a 30% deposit of the total cost would be required. Towards the end of project completion, you can request any minor revisions (included in the quote). Final payment is then made on completion. 

Future Updates

With the Elementor page builder, i’m sure you will be able to manage your content at ease. Or if you prefer, I can manage your content for you at quoted prices or if you prefer, a retainer. If all it all sounds good to you, then take the next step and fill out the form below, call me or click the live chat button. 

Next Step...

send me your website overview & lets get started:

Alternatively call or text 07963326842 for an instant quote and friendly chat.

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