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There are many benefits to why you should choose to hire a freelance website developer rather than hiring a company or trying to do it yourself. Here I list some points why.

Hiring a company

Expensive – they have to cover costs such as staff and premises as well making a profit. I have worked for companies in the past who have charged thousands for a basic website where as me, a bolton web design freelancer i would of only charged £500!

Doing it yourself

There are many sites these days that allows you to build your own website. Unless you are computer literate then I do not recommend this option. You could spend days, weeks or even months of your time building your website until the point comes where you think ‘its rubbish’ or ‘it doesn’t do what i want it to do resulting in stress and time wasted.

If you do choose this option, check if you have ownership of your website files because majority of these website builders own your website and not you!! One day you may have to start again!

Hiring someone to help
If you have come to a point where you need further help with your website and are looking for someone to help you with your website, most web developers will run a mile – we don’t like them!

Google & Search Engines
If you have built your own site – who now helps you to rank it well in Google? Do you know if your site is built well enough for Google to crawl it? Does it look professional? Have you had an expert opinion?

Hiring a freelancer

  • Most importantly – low costs!
  • Have your website built in a few days saving plenty of time
  • The only time needed from you is for you to email your content and requirments
  • Stress free – just put your feet up and wait for the results
  • Communication – your only dealing with 1 person
  • Quality – a freelancer has the same professional qualities of a person working for a company
  • Freelancers tend to be on the ball day and night. So if its 8pm at night then its likely a freelancer would be ready to help rather than leaving you waiting until 9am the next morning
  • Freelancers are more motivated to do a better job – its there own business at the end of the day!

So if you would like to hire a freelance website designer / developer from Bolton, Horwich than look no further. I have been freelancing for 8 years now, I am based in Bolton and I have clients all over the UK and even in Portugal. I offer low costs and deliver a professional service.

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